NEXT VisaTM Debit Card

NEXT is all about what you want, when you want it - so we’re giving you a choice!

Choose a NEXT Black Visa Debit Card or a NEXT Custom Card for your NEXT eChecking account.  They both have the same benefits, including five free ATM refunds a month. Just pick the look you want.  The Black Card is sleek and cool while the Custom Card will feature an image of your choice for a small fee.  Check out the details on both of the cards:

NEXT Black Visa Debit Card

Black—It’s bold, it’s classic, it’s distinguished.  Now, we’re also making black high-tech and convenient with our NEXT Black Visa Debit Card.  It’s free when you open a NEXT eChecking account.  Free! Our team will get you set up with this card so just apply online, call us at 1-866-310-6328 or stop into a branch to open an account today. 

NEXT Custom Visa Debit Card

NEXT is all about custom products and services for young adults, so why wouldn’t we offer a NEXT Custom Visa Debit Card?  NEXT Custom Visa Debit Card allows you to choose a photo to be featured on your card.  A picture of your dog, friends, favorite breakfast, almost anything you can think of (within reason of course)!  Just use our Custom Card Creator to build your card, grab an image and presto—you have a card like no other.  Get the NEXT Custom Visa Card for only $5.00. 

To order your NEXT Custom Visa Debit Card, you’ll need to set up a NEXT eChecking account and have Visa Debit Card access set up on your account (you will need the last four digits from your debit card to complete the order). You can then upload your image using the Custom Card Creator below – it’s super easy. You’ll have your card in just 5-7 days!

Be sure to check out the NEXT Custom Visa Debit Card Guidelines before uploading your image to make sure your photo is good to go.

Got questions about NEXT Visa Debit Cards? Read our FAQs or contact us at 1-866-310-6328.